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Beehive Congruence
is multidisciplinary design lab.
We love to design, develop and strategies
solutions & experiences.

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Who We Are

We Find ourselves at intersection of Design and Technology.

On basis of problem statement, we empathies to find the best solution, technology or any medium which help to solve or metigate the situation. We work in beehive structure to have different subject experts to solve the specific needs.
We also do art and help artist to bring their ideas in reality.


Define helps to understand, rather than simply assume, what the problem is. It gives lead to the project to distiguish actual user need and client requirements.
From the churning of on-field and on-text research, it makes a mark to design.


Here we utilise the theories and personal experiences to produce possible outcomes which can give a shape to the basic idea. We try to stick the the actual problem with distracting from what from trending things. Although we take inspirations if it feels relevant.


With the rational and intutive decision and with the green flag from the client, we start prototyping and making it with more modular and agile understanding to give more freedom to reiterate after actual user testing.


Time for the sonic boom!! We take the end to end outcome in a package to ship or put online. We even take follow ups after launch if client wants.

Our Expertise

We use technology as a tool to STAGE the situation, SOLVE problem and SPECULATE the future; keeping eye on PSYCHOLOGIC, PHILOSOPHICAL and TECHNICAL aspects of it.

We see each project as opportunity to contribute to society. With civilian market, we are also exploring defence market. We are more focused on the design research of the technology to bring better product which has better understanding of the ecosystem.

Demography and usability of it are the major concerns for us before we bring technology to solve the problem. We use rigourous amount of time in research to find a sweet spot to satisfy psychological, philosophical and technical aspect of it.

Product Design (tangible)

Products which can be touch and handled. We use 2D/3D designing and simulation tools to ideate and then we also do analysis of the experience part with quick prototyping. our strong engineering base makes it almost production ready.
We have experience of designing in automotive, consumer products, industrial robotics, wearble IoT, homesecurity, drones and many sectors.

Product Design (intangible)

We treat digital products same as a crafting physical products. From the user experience to algorithm, we try to grip altogather.
We design and also develop the seemless and intuitive experience in Software, Websites, AR, VR, ML products or expeiences.

Service Design

Designing of workflow, human interaction, user journey and stretergies. We love to put efforts in exploring the dynamic nature of human.

UX Research

To research and understand user aspects and finding out how to find better solution. We do not get seducted by topic. We go on field, check the situation, find the data and then we conclude with various possibility.

Technical Consultancy

A step further, to execute the product, there is a need of understanding feasibility of design. we understand the engineering ability and limitations which helps to bring the solution to reality.

Exerience Design

Experience and spaces, physical or virtual. For stagging or solving. We are deeply connected with the artistic expression of technology. Artist pushes the technology and technology gives a vision to the artist. We have executed AR/VR Expreiences, Projection mapping and physical installations.

3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a powder-based 3D printing technology that produces sturdy and versatile end-use parts and objects using nylon. It is used in prototyping as well as low volume batch production runs. Its ability to create complex geometries with superb ease, makes it an excellent choice for creating functional parts and components, giving infinite design freedom. The advantage of no support structures in this technology, makes it suitable for interlocking parts, moving parts, living hinges and other highly complex designs.

SLA 3D print engines and enable rigid, tough/durable, clear, casting, high-temp, composites and specialty materials to meet your application and product requirements. Rapidly 3D print prototypes, investment casting patterns, thermoforming molds, and more, and integrate with our software technologies to enable mass-custom manufacturing processes in your production line.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a swift and efficient 3D printing technology that smoothly iterates designs using thermoplastic materials. It’s cost-effective and is applied for making parts that require the formation and visual validation. What makes FDM a great option is the durability of the materials it uses, the stability of its mechanical properties in the long term and the quality at the core. They are suitable for fine and functional prototypes, lasting manufacturing tools and parts.

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